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Leadership Mastery Program

    Program Principle:

    Leadership is generally associated with professional title or power and influence. True leadership, however, does not depend on title or power as it stems from

  • Our ability to maintain leadership qualities such as integrity, adaptability, flexibility, trustworthiness, emotional balance and non-judgmental attitude every day irrespective of the situation at hand.
  • Leadership principles that is timeless and gains respect and admiration of people around them
  • Powerful decisions and follow through on them
  • Influential characteristics that creates and elicits leadership in others
  • The mindset to respond effectively in a crisis
  • How to develop new content in conversation
  • Unconditional love and leading from that space
  • The objective of the ‘Leadership Mastery Program’ (LMP) is to create leaders who can transform any area of their life and the lives of people around them with the thoughts, words and actions they choose to hold. These leaders will be completely aligned to the purpose of their lives.

Register for this course:

Program details:
  • 12 weeks mastery program.
  • 4 hours per week and assignments to complete every week
  • Coaching; Neuro-Linguistic Programming; Mindfulness; Power of thoughts; Situational Leadership; Transactional Analysis; and much more will be included.
  • Program will be held only twice a year.
  • Next program starts from 4th January 2020
  • Only 10 participants per batch
  • Essence of leadership
  • Transformational leadership
  • Motivate and inspire employees and family, while still keeping them accountable
  • Creating a powerful team
  • Empower others
  • Handle conflict and negativity
  • Rs. 25,000
    Flexible payment options available