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Space Clearing

At Panacea Valley Academy, we believe in holistic development. A human being should be well balanced at the mental, emotional and physical level. The mental, emotional and physical dimensions must be in alignment for a human being to live peacefully, joyfully and in harmony within himself/herself and with the outer environment.We offer wellness programs keeping this in view.

    What is Space clearing?

  • All human beings have the ability to sense energy. When we enter a space, we not only react to the style of the decor and various colors and textures, but we also perceive the energy surrounding us.
  • Positive energy makes us feel good. Negative energy brings us down. Space Clearing offers a simple and highly effective way to turn the space with negative energy into a space filled with positive energy. It can turn a depressing place into a haven of beauty, harmony, and joy.

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    About Radhieka M, our crystal therapist in her own words

  • “Let yourself be silently drawn
    By the strange pull of what
    You really love
    It will not lead you astray”

  • RUMI
  • Little did I know that whenever I used to be drawn towards tarot cards or the mesmerizing ways in which tarot readers interpreted them at a very sub conscious level my life was steering its course towards spirituality.
  • With every curve ball though, there are beautiful lessons you learn and I learnt mine too. The Grace was that the Divine intervened and showed up as my sounding board.
  • Through all these, an unknown force kept driving me forward dipping and pulling me out of various modalities like Tarot, Reiki, crystal healing, Numerology and NLP, churning me into that very person that God wanted me to be.
  • Today , I am thankful and grateful to all those angels, spirit guides, my mentors Pinky and Hema and my eternal love who have blessed, guided and brought me this far.
  • Could not have asked for more, as I have realised, like Rumi said that “only from the Heart can you touch the sky”.
Book a consultation to have space clearing done for you

Space Clearing at your home or shop or office can be done to cleanse the energy of that environment, which in turn can produce a remarkable and positive influence on the way you feel, and have an effect on every aspect of your life. Register to have a consultation with Radhieka who will help you to bring health, harmony and prosperity in your life.