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Welcome to Panacea Valley

Panacea Valley Academy was started on April 2014 with the view of creating a world where everyone

  •      Mattered
  •      Can be themselves and are respected, accepted and uplifted for who they are
  •      Are treated equally
  •      Had a voice and are free to voice their views, thoughts and opinions
  •      Live; Laugh; Dream; Grow; Succeed

  • Everything we do is to enrich each other and live life abundantly. We bring you the best of the best syllabus by widely exploring evidence-based practices.

Five Values of Panacea Valley Academy

1 . Bring passion and focus :

We are passionate about what we do. And we are focused on achieving our goals despite obstacles because we truly believe that our work matters in the world.

2 . Take responsibility :

To be successful, one has to take responsibility for results and non-results. We take complete responsibility for our actions, we pursue our work with determination and find new ways of finding solutions as a team.

3 . Welcome challenges and drive creativity :

We are constantly evolving, finding better ways to improve and serve our students on all fronts. We welcome feedback on every aspect of our working so that we constantly move to the next level.

4 . Bring an insatiable hunger to learn and grow :

Every person is a powerful and creative being which is most often unrealized and untapped. We have made it a goal to constantly learn and expand our frontiers of knowledge and in turn take this growth to our students.

5 . Foster great team spirit :

The bedrock of our team and entire Panacean community is to look out for one another. We put our heart into building relationships and nurturing one another.


With a Professional degree in educational counselling and more than 10 years of experience as a Corporate trainer, Professional Coach and NLP Expert, Hema Manu Anand is uniquely qualified to analyze your corporate training needs and design a plan that works for your employees. She has travelled extensively and worked in many different societies and cultures and brings a keen intercultural awareness to her customized training packages.

Being Phd professor in computers and having spent her career as a Professor, Ms Srivara Mangai never dreamed she would become a corporate trainer, but her highly specialized systems thinking and organizational skills have proven to be invaluable in taking specialized subjects of 4 Mat systems, time management, lateral thinking, critical thinking, analytical thinking and more

Varsha is the youngest and one of the best trainers of our team, She started her career in Corporate as a Consultant, then became an entrepreneur before saying ‘yes’ to her calling to be a ‘Professional Trainer’. She is able to seamlessly translate content from in-person to interactive training solutions, make people more engaged and result in better human outcomes.


Hema Manu Anand is a Life Coach; NLP Licensed trainer and Master Practitioner (trained by Dr Richard Bandler, co-founder of NLP); Entrepreneur; and Freelance Trainer. Academic records include Bachelors in Physiotherapy (India), Post Graduate Diploma in Physiotherapy (Australia), Master in Business, specializing in personal injury (Australia), Diploma in Business and Life Coaching (Australia), NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner (London). 

Hema lived and worked in Melbourne, Australia until 2013, then travelled around the world and settled back in India. Currently, she owns the Training and Coaching organisation, Panacea Valley Academy. Hema has given more than 2000 hours of training in the areas of self development, and more than 1000 hours of coaching creating quick and sustainable personal transformation in all areas of life.

Hema's vision is to create a world where people are accepted, respected and uplifted for who they are, so that they can unleash their true inner potential and live life on their own terms. Panacea Valley Academy was created to provide that platform for anyone who wishes to experience and express their authentic self.

Panacea Valley Foundation is on the anvil. The Foundation will focus on the other aspect of Hema’s mission, that of educating underpriveleged children, building shelters for street children and urban forestry.