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Programs For School Students

    At Panacea Valley, we run classes for children on the following topics, at your school campus:

  • 1. Memory retention techniques
  • 2. Having a healthy self-esteem and self image
  • 3. Confidence building
  • 4. Public speaking
  • 5. Thinking strategies
  • 6. Discipline and consideration for others
  • 7. Setting goals for life
  • 8. Knowing how to manage exam fever, stress and anxiety
  • 9. Speed reading
  • 10. Speed learning
  • 11. Effective ways to learn and retain
  • 12. Proficiency in English language
  • 13. GROW- lateral thinking model
  • 14. SMART goal setting
  • 15. Basic self defense
  • 16. Basic life saving techniques
  • 17. Survival skills

These classes help children to take control of their life, build mental muscle, and learn hands-on strategies to think laterally and manage common problems. We are ‘behavior analysts’ and not counsellors. We study and help kids understand their behavioral patterns and guide them to create necessary beliefs and values so that their behavioral patterns are altered in a resourceful way.

Register Your School for a Program :

Four key modules customized for Schools:

To meet the academic and social demands, generally schools request the following four modules. At Panacea Valley, we customize the training modules to suit your needs.

  • 1. Exploring talents
  • 2. Memory and concentration
  • 3. Exam preparation
  • 4. Different recall strategies
  • 5. Mind exercises
  • 1. Effective communication – oral and written
  • 2. Public speaking
  • 3. Impactful and purposeful communication
  • 4. Knowing our strengths and areas of development
  • 5. Self- leadership
  • 1. Time management
  • 2. Mind and emotion control
  • 3. Basic understanding of first aid and self defense
  • 4. Goal setting and sustained motivation
  • 5. Success philosophies
  • 6. Self motivation and finding the appropriate inspiration

    Teachers ae the real leaders as they incite, install, elicit and groom our future leaders. The role of a teacher is both rewarding and challenging. To support teachers in their mission we have the following Faculty Development Programs. These programs have been designed to enhance the following

       - Existing teaching methodologies
      - Provide insight into new training methodologies
      - Manage children with limited or no interest in studies
      - Create self-initiated learning traits
      - Motivate students to learn to understand and implement learning in life

  • 1. Different classroom teaching methods
  • 2. Interactive 4 quadrants methodology
  • 3. Calibrating student capacity and needs
  • 4. Customizing teaching methods
  • 5. Strategies to control classroom effectively through commands than consequences
  • 6. Managing difficult students
  • 7. Engaging Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques in classroom

To know more about different packages, we offer or to book in some classes please contact us.