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We are India's #1 most dedicated and life changing training school.
Having trained over 10,000+ and coached over 2000 individuals on life, business and relationships


Our Vision is empowering and unleashing human potential to change lives for good.​


Our Mission is to create a hub for global citizens who accept, respect and support each other beyond external and internal differences. We aim to work with 50,000 individuals per year and achieve heightened consciousness through coaching or training, so they feel empowered to achieve their goals and vision in life effortlessly.​


Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than the one where they sprang up

Our Story

About Us

Before 2011, my aim in life was to work from 9 to 5, earn in dollars and buy materialistic assets. When unexpected tragedies struck me in 2011, I had to choose to swim or sink and that’s when I embarked on the journey of self-development.

Initially I learnt coaching tools, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) from Dr. Richard Bandler, profiling and much more in Melbourne for my own development. 

But as I started working with clients I was amazed at the power of our mind and how my clients felt free and liberated after the session.

This led to the birth of Panacea Valley Consulting, which initially started as a coaching firm -Respons- in Melbourne, Since then, the number of lives we’ve touched, size of our clientele, range of courses and our team have all grown leaps and bounds.

Now, we are more passionate than ever to fulfil our vision and mission of creating a world of global citizens with heightened consciousness.

Right now we are providing one of the best NLP and Corporate training in Chennai and India.

We have trained over 10,000+ people over the period of 11 years.

Meet Our Experienced Team

Our Coaches

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Varsha Balakrishnan

Licensed NLP Trainer Experienced Soft Skills Trainer 
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Selvi Kandasamy

Soft-skills and Spoken English trainer  Trainer, Coach, & Career Counsellor.
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Srinivasan B

Licensed NLP Practitioner and Coach  Yoga instructor
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Dhivya Ramesh

Licensed NLP Practitioner Corporate Soft-Skills Trainer Life Coach
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Jayashree Pears

Licensed NLP Practitioner Life coach. Specialized in treating Fears and Anxiety
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